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QUANTA View “The Clinical eBox” is a multifunction web application (e-CRF and CTMS). It is modular and multilingual and is suitable for both different study designs and incorporation of specific functionalities.
Because of its simplicity and functionalities, QUANTA View meets the requirements for a non-interventional study and those for a comparative interventional study with more complex functionalities (e.g. DICOM format for imaging, biological sample logistics, product traceability and management of independent expertise etc.)

® is a solution :


in many national and international clinical studies


Suitable for all types of health studies (interventional, NI, MD research etc.) and all user profiles


via PC, tablet or smartphone using standard browsers.

Validated and secure

QUANTA View is hosted in France according to ISO 27001 standards and compliant with international regulatory requirements and best practices (21CFR part 11, EMA Annexe 11, ICH, PICS, GCDMP, CNIL and GDPR)

Main functionalities

CTMS - Clinical Trial Management System

Intuitive parameter setting
Regulatory management and monitoring (authorisations, consents etc.)
Administration of documents, centres and professionals
Planning and follow-up of monitoring visits, writing and validating reports, following up calls
Monitoring management by risk assessment (Risk Based Monitoring)
Full management of the patient or product pathway
Logistics: flow and stock management (materials, products and samples etc.)
PV: alerts, notifications and monitoring of SAE
Quality Assurance: monitoring of deviations and corrective actions

CDMS - Clinical Data Management System

“Multilevel” management of access (investigators, CRAs, CTAs, data managers etc.) and rights (reading, writing, reviewing, validation)
Independent patient portal
Multiple data formats (lists, images, boxes to be marked, static and dynamic tables etc.) Quanta View - eCRF Data Capture
Dynamic display depending on the response methods
In-process registration controls and management of electronic DCFs
Status monitoring for each data point (registered, monitored etc.)
IWRS randomisation

CPMS - Clinical Portal Management System

Management of exchanges between people involved (CROs, sponsors, investigators, etc).
Performance and quality indicators
Personalised task display
User-definable email alerts
States and exports preconfigured
Sharing and printing of documents

Related services

QUANTA View is an application hosted in France according to ISO 27001 standards with guaranteed 99% availability

Operational call centre to respond to requests from investigators and provide them with technical support

Dedicated maintenance committed to service quality (intervention time and resolution)

In-house IT department and developers accustomed to health responsible for changes in the solution and incorporation of specific project features

Additional services
Passing part or all of your project management to the QUANTA MEDICAL teams: design of the CRF, parameter setting for templates, data management, centre monitoring and statistical analyses




Validated in January 2020, the new 5.300 version incorporates new developments :
 The multi-project space: making the client autonomous for the creation and archiving of his studies and allowing the monitoring of multi-project indicators.
Optimization of the interface of the investigation centers: easier navigation, automated naming of events, possibilities of extended actions …

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    Quanta View - ePRO - Page d'authentification Quanta View - ePRO - Avancement de saisie patient Quanta View - ePRO - Présentation de l'étude Quanta View - ePRO - Page de saisie patient
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