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IT Applications

Quanta Médical and its affiliate QDATA are made up of teams ensuring the design, development, maintenance and software solutions development in the healthcare and quality assurance sector.
These teams are composed of analyst-developer engineers and software quality engineers (software tester).

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Definition of functional, technical and regulatory requirements

Each software program is the subject of the expression of a need collected through user interviews, each professional experts involved.
This expression is compiled in a technical specification and includes:

  • Functionalities and data representation in flow charts
  • A description of associated regulatory requirements and the constraints

The expression of the functional and regulatory need is conveyed by the development team :

  • By the technical conditions implementation’s identification leading to technical requirements identification
  • By the construction of the interfaces model that meets the expressed needs and considering the good practices and ergonomic rules

Controlled and secured development

Bolstered by its quality assurance system and ISO 9001 and 27001 standards application, our teams rely on a set of procedures defining :

  • The programming standardization through the common writing rules adoption: naming, methods, factorization …
  • The rules to ensure maintainability through constant documentation endeavours (source codes, technical notice) and readability issues’ consideration
  • Security issues’ awareness modalities, when writing source codes : authentication, non-repudiation, confidentiality, integrity, protection against unauthorized modifications, change traceability (audit trail) …
  • Source code organization modalities: environments (DEV, PREPROD, PROD), classification, naming, GIT management
  • Test data management and the anonymization process
  • Requests handling and monitoring performed work modalities

Our team was able to select the best work organization methods in IT projects while maintaining a good command of project time :

  • Scrum Daily meeting : enables to identify the issues and the means to solve them. It also allows better coordination of actions.
  • Iteration reviews: enable teams to identify gaps at the earliest and user managers to fine-tune their needs in order to garantee that they adequately respond to business needs
  • Sprint Agile : used mainly within the framework of maintenance activity with the batch of tickets definition to be processed in one iteration, including the development stage and the successive validation stages: Developer, software tester then user before the production launch
  • Product / Work Breakdown Structure : Products and tasks breakdown to improve assessments quality
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Validation steered by risk analysis and trade mastery

The application validation process applied by QUANTA MEDICAL is based on a pragmatic approach, adapting the complexity and test coverage according to the identified risks.

  • The determination of the validation strategy depends upon 3 factors :
    • The application’s criticality
    • The criticality of the functionalities (assessed by business managers)
    • The nature of change (initial development, patch, evolution)
  • The selected validation strategy will be carried out by the development team, then by the software testing team. It will be composed of different types of tests selected according to the risks :
    • Component testing (unit testing)
    • Integration testing
    • Static testing: code review, documentation control
    • System tests : functional and non-functional (performance, reliability, maintainability …)
    • Maintenance testing: confirmation and non-regression
  • Then, the user validation (acceptance tests) is based on the GAMP 5 validation methodology divided into several stages :
    • Installation qualification in order to verify that the hosting meets the application’ requirements
    • Operational qualification in order to verify compliance with functional and regulatory requirements
    • Performance qualification in order to verify documentation, training and system performance

Used technologies

Quanta Médical is mainly supported by WEB technologies to create its applications :

  • FrontEnd
    • Interactivity : AngularJS, Jquery
    • Image processing: DICOM Web Viewer, ShadowBox, ImageMagik
    • Responsiveness : Boostrap
    • Mapping : Google Map
    • WYSIWYG : TinyMce
    • Graph : JPGraph
    • Code Editor : Ajax Code Editor
    • Security: JSEncrypt
  • Backend
    • Framework : Symfony, YII and CodeIgniter
    • Components : FPDF, NodeJs / V8JS, PHPExcel, PHPDocX
    • API : YouSign, MandrillApp, ASPose
    • Security: HTMLPurifier
  • Validation
    • Functional & non-regression : Selenium & Katalon Studio
    • Static : SonarQube
    • Non-functional : PHPUnit, JMeter

The development team is regularly requested to identify the components or systems that can meet new requirements, improve the existing one as well as the activity development or validation management.

Technologies Développement Quanta Médical
illustration serveur

SAAS hosting and provision

Our applications are hosted within a certified technical infrastructure ISO 27001 and validated according to the GAMP 5 methodology.
All the control elements, fault tolerance, redundancy, monitoring guarantees the best conditions of availability, security, authenticity and confidentiality.

Key features :

  • A server cluster Microsoft HYPER-V 2019
  • Disk bay RAID EMC
  • Firewall Cluster (IDS – Port filtering – flow Antivirus)
  • Symmetrical very high-speed fiber optic link
  • Electrical redundancy by batteries
  • Daily VEEAM Backup
  • Daily backup to a second site redundancy
  • Biometric BIOVEINE & remote alarm control
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery plan tested on a regular basis

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